A downloadable game for Windows

This is just a small game I made in my free time. I put around 8 hours of work into it.

It is my first EVER game, so I'd really appreciate some feedback!

Also check out the discord server for support and more! https://discord.gg/H66gTeZ


01 - Blocks  ~  02 - Ruins  ~  03 - Neon Forest  ~  04 - Castle  ~  05 - Asteroid Belt  ~  

06 - The Beach


I have implemented a small soundtrack. Sadly there is no way to turn it off or lower the volume.


DodgeBox(0.2.1)(x86) setup (Stable) 10 MB
DodgeBox(0.2.2)(x86) Setup (Unstable) 10 MB

Development log


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How do we play this? It says it's unavailable on any platform, not windows, not mac, etc.

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It should download on windows

Says it's unavailable on any platform:

I'll look into it man

Did you just click download?

Nevermind, I fixed it

Try now